First race coming soon

I don’t know when I decided this, but I entered the Biogen 6km trail run on 18 January. I don’t think I’ve ever run 6km (how many miles is that?). And I haven’t been in any sort of race since I was 16 or so. Should I start training or something?

This week’s 5km botanical gardens jaunt: 42:27 minutes. I’m running twice a week now and I also managed to practice yoga 3 times this week. And I’m still managing to get through my work days. My feet hurt, and my calves, and also my right arch from my big ankle sprain back in 1997. Also I’m running in these, the vivobarefoot trail freak ladies. They’re light and lovely, but they slip a bit, which I’m trying to solve with socks.


They’re also purple, unlike my watch.

I’m also agonizing and planning for these Yoga for Runners classes. They’re only an hour long and I’m realizing I have so many sore spots to address with specific asanas. Hamstrings and hips, shoulders and feet. So I did a free style practice to cover them all. A freestyle practice. So not “ashtanga”.

It felt really good, and it felt right. And I was to find out later that people really liked it!


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