Yoga + Running week 2

I was thinking that I could start running again and that I could somehow train to the point of beating my fastest cross-country (x-c) 3 mile time in high school (21 min) in the year that I turn 44. So my New Year’s Resolution (one of them) for 2015 is to run a sub-35 min 5km x-c race (they call it trail racing here) and a sub-30 min 5km road race (sometimes called a “fun run”) by the end of 2015.

bruce lee

My second botanical gardens 5km: 5.2 kms, 46:32 minutes. My yoga practice is stabilizing at 3 times a week. I’m pushing for 4, but with work starting up again I’m concerned I’ll burn out, having been through that before.

I joined and I bought a Garmin Forerunner 10 after seeing that my cousin also got one for Christmas. Mine’s the bile-colored one. It matches the buff Fred got me for Christmas. (Thanks Fred!)

Garmin Forerunner 10

They didn’t have violet or teal.


Oh and…I agreed at start teaching Yoga for Runners at Mindful Runner next week. Since I’ve been practicing yoga, and I’ve been running a few times, I’m sure I’ll know exactly what I’m doing!


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