I blog as an outlet for my internal observations on my own learning process and experience. I usually laugh at my failings as much as I do at my successes; so there’s always an opportunity to laugh. I write here about inspiring interactions that I have every day with students all around me and in my own journey to the self. If your experience is mentioned here, it is because it inspired me or made me think about something in a new or different way. And that’s cool.

In addition, I have a need at this point in my yoga practice and in my life to cut through the layers of misconception and confusion that I see in the greater (global) yoga community and present yoga as I see and experience it: a practical philosophy that allows you to enjoy your life now. Yoga is a platform and a support, not a soapbox.

So I’ll be developing content, both written and video, that I hope will assist more people in accessing yoga, particularly ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and in growing their practice and learning more about themselves.


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