and now…for my first trick!

my ankle is healed! mostly. it would probably be more truthful to say that i imagine that it is healed. therefore, i no longer have an excuse not to start practicing yoga asana again. but more importantly, i get to start learning tricks!

this is going to be a stretch for some of you, but i’m about to draw a comparison between parkour/free-running/tricking and primary/intermediate/advanced ashtanga series. ready?

parkour and primary series get you into the basic flow of things, lay a groundwork, and create frames of reference. they build strength, open you up with a little flexibility, and get your mind working in the right direction- focused, disciplined, and open/at ease. in essence, they provide a vocabulary and repertoire for moving forward- they get you from point A to point B. and both of them you’ll be practicing for the rest of your life.

once you’re grounded, intermediate series uses your strength to get you moving in sometimes bizarre ways. it’s more energetic, pulling on nerves and opening up blocked channels in the body. free-running builds on the beautiful simplicity of parkour moves, but allows an open mind to create amazing movement sequences that include flowing tricks. intermediate and free-running are about getting from point A to point B with style and innovation. only those disciplined enough, who did their time in pk/primary, will gain mastery in this arena.

tricking, which i don’t believe is really parkour/free-running, but is associated with it, is about being just insane enough to attempt the impossible (and succeed). tricking (to my noob eyes) looks like a long run of gymnastics-martial-arts-stunts combined in a 10-second tornado of legs and arms and spinning bodies. the advanced ashtanga asana series may be slower, but it is no less intense. that last link/video will take you awhile, but it’s just as amazing as the tricking one. very few (mostly those with lots of the crazy inside) make it to this plane of existence.

my first trick is going to be a front tuck/flip. i’ve been honing it on the trampoline for the last few weeks and will hopefully bring it to the floor early next year (or maybe a sandpit nearby even sooner!). then i can start front flipping off of walls instead of just jumping off them. not that jumping off of walls is bad, i like jumping off of walls. it’s just that, you know, it’s nice to have a bit of style in your flow sometimes.