Southern Trails Klipriviersberg 10km, 2016

As I said in my previous post, trail runs are looking a lot smaller now. Also, my Biostats 3 exam is looking pretty big and intimidating, with a low survival rate and a high hazard ratio. I had this fantasy of analysing the Run the Berg data to see the probability of completing day 2 given completion of day 1, and also a Poisson regression identifying both finishing rates, and also maybe graphing failure rates for each day via Kaplan-Meier just for shits and giggles, but I’m actually not that great at Biostatistics (#FeesMustFall).

I was looking forward to Klipriviersberg this year; having run it last year I could now compare times along the same course. Alas, Charles decided to change the route this year because he didn’t want people cursing his name again while climbing “that hill“. Fortunately, the trail was very runnable, and had some awesome technical downhill that I love, mostly due to my new Altra Olympus trail shoes. These pneumatic, 36mm lift platform running shoes give me ultimate advantage on down hills. They are da bomb! (I also love the road version, the Paradigm.) So really, the weakest point was…my other knee. Apparently, I taped the wrong knee. The first knee that gave me so much trouble during Buster Bunny is now fine, it’s the other knee that now needs attention. So back to physio.

But the weather was good (I almost got to use my UD jacket!). I finished the 11km in 1:42 (52nd of 73, 21st woman). I’m still not in the top 50% of the 10km distance trail runners, but I’m slowly getting there. It was, literally, a run in the park. Big events coming soon- and I’m very excited about a planned Trail Running/Yoga Retreat with the Mindful Runner in early December. More on that after I’ve done some exam prep.


The home stretch, incorrect knee taped. Photo by Mindful Runner.


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