Rock Rabbit Run Race Report (short course)


On Sunday I completed the Rabbit Trail Series, run by My Road Less Traveled. My first MRLT race was actually the Vivobarefoot run on 1 March, which was also my first 8km. I loved it so much I continued and completed all four Rabbit Runs- they proved to be the best Sunday runs of this year, and really got me motivated and interested in trail running. The trails were challenging, but the community encouraging, and I’m now sold on trail running. I didn’t place for the series, but I now have a unique set of trophies, and I experienced some great territory (mostly) within Gauteng. Ultimately, the series, for me, went like this:

Date Race Distance Time Pace
10-May-15 Nogwaja Ezemvelo 11.2 1:29:10 7:56
19-Jul-15 Captain Carrot 7.2 1:08:35 9:33
23-Aug-15 Scrub Hare 8.6 1:26:11 9:57
11-Oct-15 Rock Rabbit Run 9.5 1:44:33 10:57

As you can see, I’ve slowed down significantly this year. Winter was definitely a low point for me, and I’ve also had a troublesome hip, which I’m now sorting out with my favorite physio (yoga, unfortunately, sometimes makes it worse). Regardless of my times, I feel I’ve accomplished something, and I’ll be back next year. I like that the Rabbit Trail Series is still small, and intimate, and I’ve made running friends this year. By comparison, I found the Spur Trail Series to be too big, and though it ran like clockwork, it also felt a bit soulless, and the trails weren’t as interesting. So I’ll be back chasing rabbits again next year.



  1. That hill. It turned out to be only 70m, but seriously, it was straight up. Ok, only a 27% grade.
  2. That other hill. You might have missed it, but check your profile, another 60m at a 23% grade.
  3. OMG the prizes! I won another bottle of wine for being the tallest female runner (though I think some taller runners already had enough prizes so let me have it). And running friends the Merediths won a Balloon Safari!
  4. Also the views! Stunning vistas from the top (wherever that was), though not much time to savour as one has to keep moving before the sun gets super hot.
  5. And I like technical trail. And the people on the trail are always supportive, and funny. And I have started wearing my skirt, which is cooler.
  6. Run Trail posted pictures the same day, awesome! And Racetime results were also available next day.

Special thanks to Darren Smith for this photo of me. We’ve never actually met, but obviously we’ve crossed paths. This is before that hill- the morning light is beautiful!

Lows- My Dark Night of the Soul (abridged)

Normally, I like to review the race profile during the week before the race, over and over again, so I can build up enough nervous energy to get me through the 8, no wait- 9.77 kms. Sadly, I only got to see the profile 10 minutes before the race start, which didn’t allow enough time to create the appropriate amount of anxiety for that hill. Also, between 6.5-8.5 kms my darker, surlier self reared it’s ugly head and reminded me that I hate running. It’s hot, and exhausting. What’s the point? And it’s dirty. Like, even my teeth were caked with dirt. And you have to like, train. Seriously, I am the laziest person on the planet. Why would I run trail? I was running so slowly that bugs were flying faster than I was, which was annoying. I should probably train more.

Mindful Running

Again, technical trail. I love it, but I’m also realizing that I need to be fit and whole. My yoga training keeps me balanced when dropping down hills, but this hip injury, I think, may be preventing me from accessing my mobilizers (gluteus maximus) making climbing tiring, and in the end, painful.

Next weekend, another race closer to home.



  1. Sarah what amazing writing I love reading your blogs and thank you for the compliments . I loved seeing you as a regular at the races.

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