Spring Break Trail Run Race Report (10km)

I failed to write a race report of the Scrub Hare race I ran on 23 August (#3 of the Rabbit Trail Series from MRLT). It was a nice gentle-ish, scenic trail with some great views, but I was feeling off and didn’t run very well and most of all I felt soooooo sloooooow. My time proved it: 1:26:10 for an 8.6km, and 103rd out of 124 runners. And when scanning the pics I discovered quite possibly the worst picture of me ever taken- I look like I’m 80! To be fair, I’ve had bad insomnia for the last few months, have been stressed at work, and haven’t been training as much as I’d like to be. It was a good course overall, I just wish I had been more in the game and able to enjoy it. The great thing is that since that race I’ve gotten my butt back in gear and my mantra is now “I’m tired of being slow.” With the season changing to spring, it’s lighter, warmer, and I’m getting a bit more sleep. So I’m getting back into my training groove.


This past Sunday I ran my first official 10km- the Spring Break Trail Run. “Official 10km” means I signed up for a 10km, not I signed up for an 8km and it ended up being a 10km. The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful- proteas everywhere. And it makes a huge difference when there’s a little humidity in the air. All the big climbs were early on, and the last few kms was mostly flat and easy, which by that point I sincerely appreciated. My instinct that there are fewer children playing the hurry-up-and-wait game on the longer distances proved true. The trail ended up being 11.8km, but I finished the first 10km only 6 minutes over my target. My official time was 1:44:38 but I don’t know my place in the ~94 runners. It was a well-organized event with a small field, and close to Johannesburg- so I was back home before noon to sleep the rest of the day away. I will definitely be back again next year!


My garmin clocked 207m of elevation gain.


Why can’t a 10km just be a 10km? Why does it always have to be more? I am always paranoid that I’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up on the 20km route, and that I will end up running for 4 hours rather than just 1.5+. Snaking through single track/jeep track and seeing other runners going in different directions through the trees contributes to my anxiety. Also, the timekeeping was a major SNAFU, I wasn’t even listed so I submitted my garmin results, so I don’t know where I placed overall or in my age group.


Like I said, beautiful scenery.

Next weekend is the Rhino Run, and since I ran 11.8km this past weekend I think I’ll be able to take on a(nother) 12km this weekend. This is a new phase of my running- in the first half of this year I was mainly running 5-6km events with 8km at a stretch. Now I’m seeking out the middle distances, though I still only train running 5km around the botanical gardens. It’s interesting to be with a new group of runners, though some of them have also graduated from 5km to 10km over the winter- I’m actually starting to recognize people! Rhino Run race report coming next week and also hopefully some product reviews.


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