Spring training

Red wine season transitions to craft beer season very quickly here! This 3-day weekend has been beautiful and I finally got a few runs in! I’m preparing for 3 races that are approaching a little too quickly for my liking (join me and say hi if you see me!):

  1. The Scrub Hare Run on 23 August, organized by My Road Less Traveled
  2. The Spring Break Trail Run on 13 September, my first official 10km trail run (and close to home)
  3. The Rhino Run on 20 September, a 12km which I spent a lot of money on (I’m getting the shirt!) and will be held at Hedianga, home of the Beast Run
  4. There’s also the final Rabbit Trail Series race, the Rock Rabbit Run, on 11 October. But I’m not even thinking about that one right now.

Photo by Alka

So I really need to get back into a set training schedule because I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately and eating lots of carbs I don’t need. Tabata training (twice weekly for all those uphill climbs- it’s super effective), yoga, and hopefully getting up to at least 15km/week again.

And my new secret weapon has arrived: my UltraVesta from Ultimate Direction! I’m very excited about this (ladies) hydration vest and will be writing a complete review of it in the very near future. I just want to get some more kms on it before I do. But I’m happy that I’ll be prepared if any race changes from a 8km to a 12km again.

I’m also testing the Meow hip pack as well. UD makes really great gear that I hope Mindful Runner will start stocking in the near future. There are a couple packs and hip belts for demoing so stop in and see what’s there to try out.


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