Boooooo to you, winter!

Did you know that the jury is still out on whether bears truly hibernate? I was reading about hibernation today because I’m convinced that if my dog, Z, left me alone for long enough I could potentially reach a state of hibernation. Alas, she is compelled to wake me up every morning between 1:30-2:30am to go to the loo and so I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in about two months. Anyway, Asian bears don’t hibernate, and female polar bear do something called ‘denning’ for 3 months while they have cubs. And indeed there is a primate that ‘hibernates’ in its Madagascan tree-hole- the fat-tailed dwarf lemur. So I’m pretty sure that I could probably hibernate if left alone in my own down comforter tree-hole for long enough.

Last month consisted of me drinking lots of red wine, packing vegetable-based protein into all of my meals, and running and training less than I had planned. I also spent time each evening promising myself I would get up at 6:30am to practice yoga the next morning, which I never did. So when I finished the final Spur Trail Series last Sunday, I was truly finished. Seriously, I could barely walk. I finished the 8.8kms in a very sad 1:27:47, and I swear to you that course was entirely uphill. Also, I skipped the previous week’s race (which honestly I’m very happy I did), but in retrospect I should have done race #3 as it was shorter and bailed on race #4. So the results are:

Date Race Distance Time Avg min/km
14-Jun-15 Spur #1 B’Sorah 6.7 52:53:00 7:51
21-Jun-15 Spur #2 Hennops 4.5 42:59:00 9:10
28-Jun-15 Spur #3 Segwati  –  –  –
05-Jul-15 Spur #4 Leeuwenkloof 8.8 1:27:47 9:44

Averaging all the times I unfortunately didn’t place in the top three veteran females, but there’s always the Summer Trail Series starting in October. This Winter Trail Series was well organized, well attended, and had a nice variety of terrain to run through. But in the end I’m left thinking it was a bit sterile. Also, the pervasive smell of charred meat made me unwilling to hang around for prize giving. It did keep me running at least once a week, but I found it very challenging to race every Sunday for a month (in the cold).

But I’m back in the saddle again preparing for Captain Carrot on 19 July. I woke up and did some Tabata training this morning and even meditated. I’ve again promised myself I will get up at 6:30am tomorrow for at least 30min of yoga, followed by 20min of meditation. The reason for this is the profile for this race has been posted and it kind of looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of hiking. Hopefully, I’ll be distracted by the giraffe and eland sightings promised throughout the route.


For those who can’t see the numbers, that’s 1450m to ~1600m in 1.5km.


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