Red Wine Season

Every Sunday for the past two weeks Webyogi and I have woken up (albeit a little later than usual), put on our running clothes, and competed in a Winter Spur Trail Series event. Every Sunday when I pick up Webyogi we agree that we were insane to have signed up for these races at all, what were we thinking, and we’d really rather be gaming and drinking red wine, both in large quantities. Because winter.


Sweet, sweet nectar!

For those of you who think South Africa experiences a perpetual summer (because it is on the continent of Africa?), think again. It hovers around 0oC at night in the highveld, and is only getting up to almost 10oC by the time we hit the trail running on a Sunday. (For those of you in America that’s 32oF at night and into the mid-40s during the day.) To add to that, June, July and August might get one day of rain each. Essentially, it’s hat and mitten weather these days. So it is difficult to stand in your running tights and short sleeves waiting for your batch to leave, we all jockey for a patch of sun in the line up.

To compensate, South Africa makes the best red wine on the planet, which is what I’ve been doing lately- compensating. In large quantities. And I feel pretty good about it because I have spent the last six months getting off my butt and running. So for these three frigid months, I’m going to enjoy my winter drink and not worry about where I’m placing these days in the series.

And by the way, the Spur Trail Series is very well organized and I’m loving the new terrain we’re running through every Sunday. So I’ll overlook the fact (for now) that Spur is a meat-based semi-fast food chain with few vegetarian options. I will however suggest/beg that they make their soya burger available at these events along with the beef burgers they’re serving up because when I finish running I am super hungry but the smell of charred meat really puts me off.

Two more trail events and I’m done with this series. I’m curious to see where I place as they are giving out prizes to the veterans for a change, but it doesn’t make me want to put down the wine glass at all.


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