Winter Running

Winter doesn’t officially start here until 21 June, but it’s been pretty frigid for the past few weeks. To keep myself active during the cold months I signed up for the Spur Winter Trail Series, 4 trail runs on consecutive Sundays starting 14 June. So I know I’ll be running once a week in June at least. The cool thing about this series is that you have to run 3 out of 4 of the races (long or short course), they drop your slowest time and average the 3 remaining times and then place you in your age group, which does give someone who is more tenacious than speedy (like me) a chance.

As is my habit, when the cold sets in and the mornings are dark my yoga practice tends to die off. I just can’t face a cold, hard mat in the pre-dawn chill. However, I’ve noticed that the more I run, the more I really need to get on my mat and work out the odd kinks and tensions that running brings. Tight hamstrings, tight hips and hip flexors, an aching lower back not only from running, but also sitting long hours at work trying to finish time-sensitive projects. I need a yoga practice to keep my body happy. So every Monday I make the effort, even if I don’t make it to the mat again for another week.

So before I start blogging about the Trail Series, here’s an overview of all the races I’ve run this year:

Date Race Distance Garmin Time Avg min/km
18-Jan-15 Biogen Resolution Run 5.9 52:56:00 8:52
25-Jan-15 Leafy Greens 5.3 42:22:00 7:53
22-Feb-15 Hedianga Beast 4.9 45:27:00 9:13
01-Mar-15 Vivobarefoot Nature’s Way 8.5 1:04:40 7:34
12-Mar-15 Merrell Night Run 5 39:39:00 7:51
14-Mar-15 Merrell Day Run 5.4 1:09:14 12:38
19-Apr-15 Rosemary Hill 6.4 45:42:00 7:06
05-May-15 Klipriviersberg 4.1 32:25:00 7:50
10-May-15 Nogwaja Trail Run 11.2 1:29:10 7:56
17-May-15 Chase the Sun 6.6 54:25:00 8:12


I’ve averaged about 2 races/month, even over the time I was sick in March/April. I hit my goal of running a sub-35 minute 5km during the Rosemary Hill Run (34:44), and I managed a 10+km long before I had planned to do one. Note that the first run (Biogen) and the most recent run (Chase the Sun) were almost the same course- so in 5 months I’ve managed to drop my average min/km by 40 seconds, on that course anyway.

More blogs from me coming soon over the month of June. The first Spur Run today was a really great trail, challenging, but not agonizing. I don’t think I’ll be able to report the same next Sunday.


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