the beastie


Can you see the medal? It’s tiny!

So, I finished the Beauty and the Beast run at Hedianga Farm up in Pretoria. This was the first race I actually prepared for and set goals for, but for the entire week I psyched myself out- it’s going to be hot, it’s going to be hard, I’m not strong enough. But it’s done now, and it was lots of fun, a true challenge! And it was very hot, and it was very hard. I don’t really know if all those hill workouts worked or not. And thinking about my training I’m now interested in getting stronger and more technical, along with just trying to stay moving for 5km. Every race I run I realize there’s more to work on, or work out. Just like my yoga practice, there’s always something new to discover or explore.

Official time: 45:12 (4.9km), 78th woman, 12th Veteran of 30. There were about 342 runners (I think my place was 159th of those 342) in the 5km, and they had a total of over 900 runners overall, almost twice the number they had last year. So the trail running sport is growing in South Africa. Just to reiterate, this was a very challenging trail, at times I felt like I was hiking. Have you ever tried running and hiking (uphill) at the same time? Yes, it’s a challenge.


The real winner!

But I have to admit the real winner of the day was my new bra, the CWX Xtra Support Running Bra III. It was like wearing nothing at all, which for someone who is a 36C is saying something. There was literally NO weight on my shoulders, and the mesh construction made it breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. I highly recommend it and will be getting more for my bra collection (as soon as I can afford them). I got mine at Mindful Runner, and you can read more about them here. It’s my new favorite piece of kit.





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