Birthday girl

Today is my 44th birthday and I’m going to run a sub-35 minute 5km. It being a Thursday, Mindful Runner is having it’s evening timed 5km run and I’m going to run fast!

Many of my runs start this way, with a preconceived notion of how I’m going to do. And in many cases, this intention fails. Not because it’s unattainable,  but because it’s still a bit premature. That being said it was a scorcher! I usually run this loop around 5:45pm when it’s cooled off a bit, but since I was preparing for a party I started running at about 5pm. Every time the African setting sun hit me I felt sapped of all energy. But I kept moving and was very happy with my 36:17 time over 4.7kms. My previous effort on this course was 37:37 (that one was a 5.1km) on 29 Jan.

After that it was really good red wine and vegan raw pomegranate pie for all!


This is not the actual raw pomegranate tart from Greenside Cafe, but it’s close.



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