Leafy Greens Trail Run



I had been planning to do the Leafy Greens trail run for some time now and actually got the courage to enter when Fred and I stopped by for a post-beer brunch after the race last weekend. It’s a beautiful course and my running buddy joined me!

Official time: 41:33 for ~5.5kms. 7th woman and 1st female Veteran, 17th overall out of 64 runners and walkers. It was a small field, but friendly. I really hope they continue to do this on a regular basis. The food and smoothies and juices were amazing and there was a great atmosphere!

Also, I won a moon cup, but wasn’t there to receive it, so an appointed person who was there got it instead. Yay! I won something! Running buddy got a R150 gift certificate to Leafy Greens. Awesome time had by all.

I do have to admit though that no yoga was done this week, mostly due to “ladies holiday”, which isn’t so much a holiday for ladies as it is a holiday from practice. Also, for some reason I decided to do an “easy” 5km run in the botanical gardens on Saturday before the Sunday race and my feet now ache!


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