This is so last year…

I’m beginning retrospective posts from when I decided to jump on a training regimen again in December. All part of the New Year’s Resolutions stuff I usually blog about, but I’ll leave it out this year and instead just link to it here.

The real reason for my renewed blogging is to document and describe my attempt at combining yoga and running into a complete practice. And the story it really starts in 2014.

2014 was real a real drag for the following reasons:

1. I had to close Ekam at the end of June, not enough people supported the studio to pay the bills, and my landlords found a buyer. So…

2. I had to move in July. At first I was looking for a space with an extra room to teach from, but in the end I think I made the right decision to walk away from teaching yoga for a while.

3. My family came in August. Not a bad thing, but an added stress. Work also got pretty stressful around the same time.

namaqualandfamily4. My dog got cancer, again. We started radiation treatments in September, then surgery in October, which she never healed from and required frequent cleaning and bandaging. We finally got the wound closed in February 2015.

5. In December, my computer and car decided to die at the same time. Along with all the vet bills it made for a sticky financial situation.

But I was able to get back on my mat regularly again in mid-December when my place of work closed for the holidays. I had three weeks off to reflect and make my plan to take back my mat (and the rest of my life)! I have been fighting some injuries for a few years now and through the last few months of 2014 I took a different approach to my ashtanga practice- one of therapy and healing. I got rid of the ashtanga agenda (but not the ashtanga practice).

I love yoga, and I love practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and I love the philosophy and practice of ashtanga yoga, and I was heartbroken that:

  1. I was having a really hard time, battling in every forward bend of the primary series and in constant pain during my entire practice, and,
  2. People have such strong opinions about what makes you an “ashtangi”.

So this year is about saying a big “screw you” to the haters.

Also, for some reason, I decided to start running.


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