little things (matter!)

i’m training. that’s really all to report. training, training, training. there’s a certain relief (and release) that comes in the back of your brain when you figure out that, you don’t know how, you don’t know why, but whatever you’re doing is working. all you need to do is to keep showing up and it will all work out ok. ‘work out’ being the key method to working it all out.

how do i know?

  1. i stopped wearing insoles in my pk shoes. the mornings after jams when i put my feet on the floor and take those first steps- it doesn’t hurt anymore! ah, sweet bliss!
  2. my landings are quieter. usually.
  3. i have so much more confidence moving around the environment. it’s all starting to fall into place.
  4. i’m practicing more frequently, but getting fewer and fewer scrapes and bruises. radular!
  5. i realized a few jam sessions ago that i actually am strong enough in the shoulders to get over those walls- no need to stop and curse and switch gears before moving on. there are a few other technical difficulties, but i can’t blame weak shoulders anymore so will have to find another excuse.
  6. i can get one of my legs behind my head again (eka pada sirsasana to the yogis). yiHAH!

Here’s an appropriate yogi quote for you: ‘Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless. After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious.’ -David Williams

keep practicing. it will all work itself out eventually.



  1. was just going to ask, what your thoughts are on eka pada sirsasana postures, cos I can get legs behind comfortably, but they are not staying put!
    This blog = my reply! hehe!
    Keep Lifting!

  2. Also, even if eka pada is a hassle; in every practice of it, Even if I get winded, and exhausted (:-) I still try breathing in the postures, But I have accepted that I may have to put in a bit more than my usual effort… because it will eventually shift back into (and is already part of the process of ) meditating upon infinity (infinity number of times I will be practicing eka pada! might as well be infinity! :-D);

    Also, even if its slowly coming, I can definitely feel subtle changes in the posture.

    It feels like with each day’s practice, I am like a tortoise slllloooooowlllyyyy emerging from its shell.

    I am aware of my spine in the posture, being aware of the shape of each vertebra, and the intervertebral discs, I am aware of how to move without damage (and hopefully applying it/building it into every movement)


  3. slowly slowly with eka pada sirsasana, it’s a beast! the aim is to be able to open the chest and let the ankle rest behind the shoulder rather than behind the neck. at first i remember a lot of neck and shoulder pain after i practiced it because it’s so hard to keep the leg behind the head, but it get’s easier as the hips open and the back lengthens.


    1. LOL! Definitely enjoying it! :-D!

      It is definitely a BEAST!!

      to let the ‘ankle’ rest behind the shoulder. new perspective.


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