Goal Setting Part 2: build a FRAMEWORK

i used to list my new year’s resolutions and goals in a haphazard way, like a to-do list; because it’s so easy to make a quick list of what you need to do. there are lots of little, individual things i’m working on. improvements, things i’ve always wanted to do. you know, little things. but these little things are actually part of a greater framework called ‘my life’. so sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at the bigger picture to get an idea of how you can get your goals working together efficiently.

for example: when you create your shopping list, you group your items by store or store section? like all your fruits and veggies are together because they’re in the same section of the grocery store. my parents actually go one further- they make their to-do lists in order of the loop they will drive through town to get everything. so if the grocery store and the bank are across the street from each other, they’ll hit the grocery store on the way out and the bank on the way back because then they’re both right turns. because in america right turns are easier than left turns. yes, they’re that anal. you can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

so…building a framework to get the big picture.

the big areas of my life are health, career and personal. and yes, it’s a rip-off of how lululemon does it. why reinvent the wheel? the way i use these categories has changed over the years. for example: health used to be the exercise routine i wanted to be on. then i added emphasis on the mind (education/training). now i’m viewing it as a space to integrate the activities/goals of mind, body and spirit creating a juggernaut that can be used to achieve my personal and career goals. when i start grouping my goals i also provide a blurb about why this area is important to me. it gives me a point of focus and keeps me from being redundant across different areas.

Heath: i want to live to be 120. my body, mind and spirit have to be working together to attain this goal. and it’s no use living to be to 120 if i’m not firing on all cylinders.

my Body is the vehicle that gets me to where i need to be, it needs to be operating in peak condition.

  • Goal 1: go to the dentist by march 2012
  • Goal 2: get a baseline mammogram by june 2012
  • Goal 3: stick to my strength/conditioning and yoga schedules throughout the year, adjusting where appropriate. don’t forget to have fun!

my Mind is the driver, it needs to be awake, alert, and able to negotiate everything life throws at me.

  • Goal 1: meditate (dhyana) once a day for 20 minutes
  • Goal 2: investigate learning sanskrit
  • Goal 3: allocate time and funds to practicing for 3-4 weeks with [unnamed yoga teacher] in 2012

My Spirit is the engine, make sure it’s operating positively and streamlining communication between the body and mind to make me whole.

  • Goal 1: stop beating yourself up all the time by practicing tapas and svadhyaya
  • Goal 2: find balance (saucha) in the things you love to do

as you can see, most of these aren’t SMART goals, they’re broad-brush overviews of what i think are some key areas pertaining to my health that i’m going to work in this year. i’m going to continue working on my career and personal areas and will post them in a future blog. for now, what are your key areas? what areas can you group your goals into to save time and work more efficiently this year?


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