what’s with the pissed-off look?


quite a few people have enjoyed pointing out that i look pissed off all the time. and i have to admit that if you’ve been to a parkour training with me recently, or decided to randomly take it upon yourself to change your yoga practice during a Mysore session- you probably saw me look a little like this:

for the record, i’m not pissed off all the time. but there are a few reasons why i might appear upset these days:

  • physical pain: i’ve sprained both my ankle and wrist this year, and a recurring yoga-related hip and neck injury just add to it. combined, these injuries have forced me to take a yoga asana vacation and have caused a lag in my parkour training. and ripping athletic tape off my ankle 3 times a week does actually piss me off.
  • fatigue: i’m doing 3 sets of the circuits on tuesday nights instead of two because i’m a girl and/or cheating. due to my lack of inclination to chat during sets, i finish before everyone else. the concentration to endure those 3 sets probably makes me appear pissed off; afterwards i’m just freakin’ tired. and god help you if you tease or try to interrupt me while i’m doing my sets.
  • office politics: starting a new job is tough, especially when you have exceptional skillz. it’s like being the new kid on the block and it requires a lot of sussing out who your friends are (and your enemies) and generally trying to create a good impression.
  • frustration: with everything. i’m still (delightfully) single, i’m getting back into my yoga practice, i’ve plateaued in my pk practice, i’m trying to do my job, run a yoga studio, and planning a move for early next year.
    i love all these things, but it’s draining. sometimes i wonder if i’m actually going to make it to the end of the year.
preparing to precision

Buttercup is my favorite Powerpuff Girl- she’s the ‘spice’ of the team. we even have the same haircut! she may have a frown on her face, but it’s really a look of determination. how come people aren’t telling me i look determined?

so never fear dear friends, i am not pissed off all the time- just determined to get through this year and hopefully come out all sweetness and light on the other side.

spicy sweetness and light, that is


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