2011: my lemon year

2011 has been a year of change and challenge for me. and i’m not the only one that’s been through a lot, everyone around me has also faced considerable life changes. but we’ve all made it, and honestly- i’m happier than i’ve ever been. so yeah, what they say is true…whatever doesn’t kill you, fattens.

but stress gets to you, so here’s a list of what i’ve been through so far this year to cheer you up, because we are all so much stronger than we think. and if life seems to be giving you lemons, then for god’s sake make a frikkin’ gin & tonic and get over it. or lemon squares, i love lemon squares. full of lemony tastiness.

so here’s my 2011 shit challenge list:

  • in january Ekam Yoga hosted an international yoga teacher (actually 2) who increased recognition for ashtanga in south africa. btw, hosting international yogis is a little more stressful than you might think.
  • in february i turned 40. this is not a bad thing, but man, they tell you about the hormone changes during puberty- they don’t tell you about the hormone changes when you reach adulthood. was it some freakin’ secret or something?!
  • in march one of my sisters got married, she’s 10 years younger than i am. she also had a baby this year- totally awesome!
  • i had a real relationship with a real person (something i had scratched off my goal list). it was lots of fun, but in the end it didn’t work out. i miss the friendship.
  • in april i got some abnormal test results back. don’t worry- there’s no cause for alarm, but it was a definite indication that i am, indeed, getting older. (to which i continue to say: ‘f%ck that!’)
  • also in april…i got scarlet fever. srsly! i even got booked off sick for a week!
  • in june i started parkour, which has been an amazing outlet for stress and frustration. it has reminded me to always look with the eyes of a beginner, and provided me with something to blog about. it also changed the way i practice yoga (for the better).
  • btw, in june i started blogging.
  • in july another sister got married, she’s 13 years younger than me.
  • ….and another sister is getting divorced. there have been quite a few weddings and divorces this past year in and around my life. mmmmm… lemon cupcakes with jam filling!
  • both weddings required trans-atlantic trips, essentially way too much jet lag and lay-over time for one year.
  • when i got back to south africa after the (second) wedding i was informed that my position had been made redundant. no more housing stipend or round-trip ticket home every year. after some very hard thinking i decided to stay in south africa, which cuts me off from my family and friends back home.
  • in august i sold my land cruiser, a huge identity crisis for me. i’m trying to create a sleeker, sexier identity with my new car, but i miss my cruiser. also, i sprained my wrist in august.
  • in september i retreated to mozambique and heard whale song for the first time. also, i sprained my ankle in september…and again in october.
  • in october i started my new job, at 1/2 my previous pay. but i have this gut feeling that this job is going to be a helluva lot more fun than my last one, and that makes all the difference!
  • i’m going to have to start paying taxes again after 10 years. (yeah, yeah, ‘boo-di-frikkin-hoo’ you all say.)
  • when i saw my first paycheck, i realized i was going to have to move- house and studio. so in december i’m packing up and moving to another zip code, with all the associated hassle.

geez, i hope november is quiet. and 2012- i really hope 2012 is quiet too. so i’ll have time to make all those lemon squares.


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