practice and training: fighting fatigue

i’ve been on my new and improved training schedule for a month now and WOW i’m thankful i don’t have a day job! my mind is so grateful to have its daily yoga practice back; it relaxes in the measured breathing and predictable sequence of the ashtanga vinyasa practice. it’s observing where muscles have shortened (and strengthened) and it’s loving the relief that stretching brings to tight areas. it also loves the mental challenge of all the techniques i’m still building in pk training. mind is starting to love me again. right back at ya mind! your discipline is giving me a distinct advantage during pk gym training!

body, on the other hand- not happy. body loves the predictability of being back on the mat, it yearns to balance out my now uneven halves (i’m becoming right-side dominant through the pk work). but it is absolutely bone tired and secretly planning to sucker punch mind, duct tape it, and put it in the trunk in order to get well-deserved break. the appearance of a sprained ankle two weeks ago (after executing a beautiful back tuck into the foam pit) hasn’t helped. it also has a lower back injury due to the gimp ankle/inability to fully point the toes in upward facing dog. the sprained wrist from 2 months ago is still not quite stable, and that old neck injury from a surprise landing on my chin during a yoga class back if february- it’s still a pain in the…neck. yes, body is very unhappy right now. but it hasn’t given up yet; it just looks like i’m pissed off all the time. best to just give it a bit of space.

i’m amazed by my body and mind. mind loves this stuff now, it loves yoga practice, it loves pk training, and it creates the momentum to keep up both. it’s dedicated, it has tapas! and my body is healing faster in these last few months than i’ve seen before. don’t get me wrong, body is happy to be working- it’s just lagging a bit. it would like to go a little bit slower, have a little bit more time to recover. it wishes mind would spend more time thinking rather than pushing ahead. but yoga, and parkour, they’re really mind work and mind space. and that practice is getting easier. i’m wondering what will happen when a job gets thrown into the mix.

and as for my 6-pack? hmmmmm.  maybe at the end of october. i had too much matapa and feijoada (and alcohol) in Mozambique- but it was awesome! and material for another post…


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