back to reality and new beginnings

i’ve been away…on a number of levels. the job is completed, my comms are back up again (blackberry, email, phone were all down- it was a terrible 48 hours, i wept), the mozambique retreat is over, the sprained ankle is healing. oh, you didn’t hear about my most recent injury? nevermind it’s not important.

one thing i realized lately…i love watching beginners. beginners at anything. there isn’t a better ego boost than rocking up to parkour after being gone for a week and seeing lots of new faces, and now you’re not the only one riding the foam block during vaulting practice.

by ‘riding the foam block’ i mean running straight at that big foam block that you’re determined you’re going to vault over this time, and instead you bail, jump into the foam block, hang on for dear life, and ride it as it falls over under your weight. it can be quite fun to watch, and even more fun to do, though i’m not so sure it’s an effective bail outside of the gym. sometimes it can be a quite spectacular ride. so the other day it wasn’t just me riding blocks at pk practice.

but it’s not just an ego boost when you see how far you’ve come in a few months of practice, it’s a shared energy. you know the effort it took to get this far, and the work it will take the new guys to get there. there’s a feeling of encouragement, shared excitement, and collaboration- to pick people up, dust them off, and send them at that foam block again. and again. and again.

ashtangis share this same feeling every morning. we get up, get on our mat, and realize we’re not alone. even if we’re physically alone we know there are people all over the world standing, just like us, on the edge of our mat, about to begin one of the toughest yoga practices out there. we realize it doesn’t actually matter whether we’re a complete noob or we’re practicing advanced Q series, we’re all there with a shared intention. so whether you feel like a ‘retarded chicken’ or a ‘ballerina’ we’re there practicing with you, pulling for you, hoping you’ll succeed with that asana, vinyasa, kong vault, or maybe that you’ll just gain some perspective on yourself, or the world around you.

so even if my ankle is sprained, or i have to cling to that block like a koala, i’ll be there. because i’m not the only one who needs encouragement and you all get me on my mat (or into the gym). happy practicing to everyone!


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