parkour, but for real this time

Hanumanasana, but what is it good for?!

i’m still on my parkour journey- it’s less painful now, which makes it a helluva lot more fun the next day. the down side is that, temporarily, i can’t train as often in the gym as i’d like and i will now think twice before giving my tuesday and thursday evenings away.

i first realized i would need to take my practice outside when I started asking: ‘but what is it good for?!’ much to the annoyance of my instructors. i then realized i needed to get out more when i had to drop my thursday training in order to teach a beginners course at the studio, which is providing a healthy balance to my life- teaching beginners while being a beginner takes it to a whole new level. but i had to add a 2nd training somewhere, so i decided to join up with the crew at WITS (which includes some ladies!) on saturday mornings. 

gym training is a controlled environment: mats, pits, spots- all sorts of soft surfaces to land on. it gets you off your feet (or on them), and more importantly it gets your body and mind ready to take what you’ve learned about yourself out in the big wide world. but the big wide world of parkour is another place entirely.

first, surfaces feel different. concrete, brick, tree, they’re not anything like beam, mat and bars. i love the beam because it smells faintly of everyone’s stinky feet. brick smells like dirt and hadeda poo. and what you land on? it’s hard! the foam pit is gone. now i need to start being aware of potential injury. but at the same time, architecture becomes so much more interesting!

second, i’m wearing shoes! crap, what are these things on my feet! they’re heavy, they make it hard for me to get my feet through my arms. arg! but at the same time, precisions… ahhhhhhh, so much easier! i was beginning to think that my sneakers were going to go unused, but i have a feeling i’m going to be needing a new pair soon.

i partnered up with another parkourini (ok she’s really a traceuse) and she taught me a few things, i love the sharing aspect of this training! everyone teaches, everyone learns, so organic! and it’s offered freely. so a noob like me doesn’t feel left out. and wall runs, those are fun. yeah! i’m leaning something new! but taking a digger trying to kong a low wall, not fun. dirt everywhere (like in my hair). but it’s all good.

i may have overdone it though, after training at WITS i went on to a send-off party at a local play-ground and added another 2 hours to my outdoor training. more jumps, swings, landings. now i’m chowing on red wine, pizza and chocolate ice cream  and looking forward to a long, hot, aromatherapy bath. we’ll see tomorrow if i’m still in one piece. one thing for sure, i’m really looking forward to next weekend!


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