Why i blog about yoga

i recently came across this thought-provoking post by Carol Horton at ElephantJournal and also the response by Claudia in her own blog. being a new yoga blogger myself, i felt the need to contribute to the discussion.

i started blogging to share my parkour training and how i planned to dovetail this new activity with my daily yoga practice and teaching. i also needed a forum to vent some mounting gripes about the yoga community as a whole. my biggest concern when getting started was that i’d run out of things to write about, and that no one would find it interesting. since i started blogging on 1 june, i’ve had over 1000 page views (not all my own!), and i have ~15 drafts of blog posts to be tidied up and posted with more ideas in the pipeline. where is it all coming from?

i agree with one comment to Carol’s article: blogging is the new jnana yoga, a path of yoga that i’ve always been interested in pursuing, but didn’t feel i really knew how. as Carol says:

“I believe that the yoga blogosphere is helping to balance out the lopsidedness of an overly asana-centric yoga culture by providing a forum that encourages us to use our minds in new ways.”

what i find so fun about yoga is that it’s still being discovered and uncovered by the Western mind. we’re trying to stretch it, compress it, and fit it into our fast-paced, consumer-orientated lives and sometimes it’s hit-or-miss. and this is where blogging about it really makes sense; the medium fits the culture, which spurs the evolution and deepens the understanding. so here are my reasons to blog about yoga:

1. i practice. and yes, until recently my practice has been overly asana-orientated. blogging extends my practice of the yamas and niyamas (satya, tapas, and svadhyaya come to mind), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), and dhyana (devotion). posting requires me to review what i know, and what i think about what i know, and then to present it with a lot of passion and a reasonable amount of objectivity. the seer, the seeing and the seen become one. that’s yoga!

2. i teach. there are many topics discussed and debated with practitioners in the studio that should be available to everyone. and my aging brain forgets who i’ve told what, so now i just say ‘read my blog’. blogging becomes a resource for myself and for others, and a springboard for continued debate. in addition, high-level yoga teachers are thin on the ground, and access to those with the knowledge you’re looking for can be a challenge (if not a life-long search). i feel i owe it to yogis everywhere to be involved in disseminating information, opinion, and experience in order to further knowledge about the practice and teaching of yoga. blogging stretches the yoga community further, breaking down borders and barriers and bringing the global community together.

3. i learn. i’ve had my highs and lows along my yoga journey, and i do feel the need to do some yoga myth-busting as a preventative measure for those coming after me. yoga isn’t always pretty. there are many ways Westerners are getting things right about yoga, and there are just as many where we get it wrong. so deconstructing new (and old) yoga paradigms and building them up again, and writing about it, does help with the learning process, for me anyway. thankfully, i’m not the only one blogging! there is so much out there to absorb and process, and my beginner’s mind is hungry for it! and this learning feeds my practice and my teaching, so i encourage everyone blogging out there to keep it up! i love hearing about new perceptions and personal experiences on and off the mat. it keeps the yoga tradition alive and free of stagnation!

i’m still very new in the yoga blogging community, but i’ve found blogging about yoga to be very enlightening (that would be the 8th limb). so in answer to where is it all coming from, i think it’s been a long time coming, and i look forward to more. i’ve listed a few yoga bloggers that i follow to the right, but there are TONS more. find one (or more) that resonate with you, keep learning, keep practicing!



  1. Hi, thanks for the link to EarthYogi, and I like how you sumarized it in the three areas in which it helps you. I relate to your point on finding answers, guideance etc… and I feel it is still in its infancy. 🙂 So yeah, keep learning keep writting keep practicing.

  2. hooray for blogging, and now that i’m into it i’m finding more and more yoga blogs out there that are very helpful (earthyogi being one of them)!

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