PK/FR open session: low energy, food for thought

i like to ruminate on my training sessions a bit before posting, sometimes it takes a while for the real learning to sink in. and anyway my brain is slow right now. damn winter!

i was taught a lovely little trick called a webster last night, which should prove fun to perfect. it’s a bit of an ariel and a bit of a front flip (just google it). the fact that my legs seem to go naturally into splits as i rotate apparently makes it awe-worthy by the rest of the practitioners- even though i’m doing it into a foam pit and i don’t land on my feet. it’s nice to take on something new that doesn’t cause too much pain the next day. and i get to throw myself into the air, which is always a plus.

i also saw someone who doesn’t do yoga do an amazing yoga asana. the odd thing is that it came out of nowhere while i was showing the guys variations on headstands. spontaneous yoga! and totally awe-worthy!

[i’m looking everywhere for a picture of this asana, i’ll post when i find one]

i also heard ‘no, you’re not ready’ for the first time. and that’s something i’ve really had to chew on.  i’ve actually been looking forward to it for a few reasons:

  1. in my yoga practice i’ve never heard it, but i say it to practitioners all the time. now i know what it feels like. (it’s not so bad, actually welcome, i was extending beyond my range.)
  2. it gives me tons more confidence in my instructors. this was an unexpected bonus. it’s sort of humbling and inspiring at the same time. nice combo!
  3. it gave me the opportunity to go back and keep working where i needed to be.

when i opened Ekam i was told that no one would accept the traditional teaching method of ashtanga vinyasa yoga (adding one posture at a time to the sequence), that people (read: westerners) couldn’t handle being told ‘no’ or ‘stop’. i’ve actually found that people have been very receptive to this method and actually welcome it. though there have been a few who have not. my experience this week reinforces my commitment to this method, for the reasons listed above, and the fact that it works!

and i had a minor break-through last night. while continuing my routine back-flipping repetitions into the pit i decided to try to not try so hard. this method has worked in my yoga practice in the past and i often tell practitioners to give it a try. the result wasn’t perfect, but it felt a helluva lot easier and had me landing on my feet. so i should be able to do more repetitions now and use them to clean up the little bits that are left to perfect. and just when i was starting to think i’d never be able to move my back flips onto the floor.



One comment

  1. addendum
    heard during practice…
    free-funner K: you know…like video games?
    ekamyogini (said with a smile): what, like donkey kong?
    free-funner K: a little bit later…
    ekamyogini (now more serious): like tekken 3?
    free-runner K: yeah! your webster looks like a move by that one chick.
    ekamyogini: the one with the tank top and crops?
    free-runner K: yeah!

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