PK/FR makes me hungry!

i’m having a hard time adjusting my diet to increased physical training and muscle building. i need PROTEIN!

as a yogi i am officially a vegetarian, and my cravings for anything from the animal kingdom have dropped off over the last few years to almost nil. i’m just not interested in meat of any flavor. protein cravings are the worst because I can’t identify what I’m craving. meat-eaters will crave steak, but when i’m in a craving mood my brain tells me to chew through a giant pile of almonds, which is totally unappetizing as you can imagine.

almonds actually have more protein/100g than steak (according to this site), but apparently i need about 40g of protein/meal. so if i were only getting my protein from almonds, i would need to eat 600g of almonds/day, which, besides being expensive is kind of gross (and fattening). i need to find some good lentil recipes (23g protein/100g). and btw: whey protein tastes like the malt in malted milk balls! i love malt, but i can’t eat enough of it at one sitting to make 40g of protein (that’s about 1/3 of a bag- or over 1 cup of whey powder- bleagh!).

but i need to eat more anyway, which is one of the reasons i choose to take on parkour in the first place. i was wasting away as a yogi. practicing ashtanga can be an appetite suppressant, and ashtangis build our lives around making our bodies light and strong. so yesterday i ate like a yogi (1/2 a salad and 3 pieces of veggie pizza) and as a result had no energy for parkour practice. lesson learned.

last night was quiet at the gym. as many Ekam practitioners are aware, in small classes you get more personal attention so, even in my light-headed, under-proteined state i learned a lot, both practicing and observing. my mind is beginning to see how to apply new movements, techniques, and tricks in an urban environment. now when i see a wall, or a bench, or a railing in some public place i think of how to move around it, over it, through it. it’s a new awareness, a new way of seeing, and will grow with time. i excited about this new vision of space!

it’s like when yoga becomes more than an asana practice on your mat, and you begin to apply breathing practices, discipline and concentration to your daily life. leaps forward in your practice can be lateral, like learning a new posture, technique or trick, or vertical, like a experiencing a deeper awareness in a posture, or applying a technique in a completely different way. mostly we play in the lateral plane, but every so often we have those vertical ‘a-ha’ moments, where our practice deepens, without fear, into completely new territory.

i must add, that practicing with all of the guys (and gals) at TUKS is totally awesome! it’s intimidating to learn something new, especially when you see what others are doing and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to manage anything close. you all create a supportive environment for everyone, where any level of practitioner is accepted, and where people are encouraging and challenging rather than competitive. when imagining a room full of 20-something males i feared the worst, but you all make it positive and fun. and special props to DeVille and Jaco, as one teacher to another, you guys are awesome!




  1. i have loads of lentil, beans, rice, quinoa, etc recipes…. will give them to you when i get to jozi. 🙂

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