heard around the studio 2…

Setting: the Ekam Studio during Mysore-style practice. EkamYogini has bound a practitioner into Marichyasana C…

EkamYogini: see, i told you, if you practice enough your arms do grow longer!

Practitioner: Yeah- cool!

EkamYogini: of course, in my experience, i’ve seen a direct relationship between perceived arm length and actual core strength…

Petri Raisenen in Mari C

MYTH BUSTED! The marichyasansas have nothing to do with the length of your arms and a lot to do with whether or not you have enough mula/uddihyana bandha (core) strength to hold your rib-cage to your thigh (the same thigh (A/B) or the opposite thigh (C/D)). So rather than hanging from your door frames to get your arms to grow longer, start engaging these critical bandhas in the sun salutations and standing postures to build the strength for these asanas. Don’t wait for navasana to start using your core!

Of course, orangutan arms (and long thighs) do help.


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