heard around the studio…

in mysore, india, after practice, people gather at the coconut stand and drink green coconut water or chai. it’s part of the satsang. i did source coconuts last year for the studio in a (failed) attempt to bring a bit of mysore to johannesburg. the closest source of coconuts in southern africa is mozambique. and this will come as no surprise: coconuts are devilishly hard to get into if you’re not handy with a machete. i’m not handy with a cordless drill either, and that was the last of the grand ideas for sourcing coconut water for the studio.

so at Ekam we hang around after practice and drink herbal tea and organic instant coffee and eat chocolate biscotti. we sit and argue about yogic philosophy, discuss chapter 11 of the bhagavad gita (BG), debate the usefulness of the specific kriyas in the hatha yoga pradipika (HYP)…no, wait i’m totally kidding; we really just hang out. but occasionally we do have a few stunners, which i’ll jot down here from time to time as i remember them. yogis are hilarious (when we’re not debating the kriya techniques of the HYP that is).

Setting: The Ragas of Romance, featuring 3 well-known classical indian musicians had just played a concert in Joburg. it was amazing. i was really glad i wasn’t high.

SasmitaYogini: Yeah…i’m going to get one of those things…what’s it called…the squeeze box thing.

EkamYogini: a harmonium? really?

SasmitaYogini: yeah one of those! and D. [her partner] is going to get a tabla. we’re going to start playing together.

EkamYogini: that is so coool! i’m going to try and find a bansuri somewhere. i used to play flute and i’ve been wanting to start playing again. it can’t be that hard… [pause]

EkamYogini: we should get together and jam sometime!

SasmitaYogini: yeah! that would be awesome!



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