Last night’s training was FABULOUS (more on that later) thanks to a little help from my BFF Advil, and its supporting partner Aleve. Two liqui-gels and an aleve tab before i got in my truck for the drive to Pretoria and when i arrived my quads were walkable, dare i say jumpable. The advil gets the jump on the inflammation and the aleve kicks in a bit later to knock any resistant pain out of the park.

The general feeling (i won’t say consensus because yogis can never agree on anything, but we all like to feel) is that practitioners of yoga are beyond medicating themselves, considering it an altered state and therefore not true seeing/knowing. I say if it hurts and it’s not going away, it’s time to medicate because, honestly, there’s enough suffering in the world. Life is too short to be brought down with menstrual cramps, joint pain, muscle pulls, headaches, etc. If you feel bad, how can you do the world any good? I don’t dose before i practice yoga (though i did once and it was amazing!) because it does dull awareness in the body, which could lead to increased injury. The inflammatory response has it’s place in the healing process, but modern medicine allows us to choose to what extent we need to endure it. Anyway, advil + aleve is my cocktail. Ask your doctor if it’s right for you.

And as for modern medicine being ‘unyogic’? You can’t convince me that modern medicine is any worse (or unnatural) than what those yogis did out in the forest. Some of the practices outlined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika for cleansing and purification are, frankly, medieval. And since it was written in the 15th century, i guess i’m not too far off my use of the word medieval.

Shameful plug for supplements…

A few years back my physio told me that if i’m over 35, active and into extreme activities (ashtanga vinyasa yoga being on the extreme end of the activity scale, or the way i practice it anyway) i should probably be on a joint supplement. So if you’re looking for a range of supplements for daily living try The Real Thing, and they’re made here in South Africa! I take Joint Revolution and Anti-X and they do really help me get out of bed the next morning after my more grueling practice sessions. I find that i do heal a bit faster and can maintain a high level of activity longer with the Anti-X particularly. I’ve also had their Green Powder and, though it stinks like low tide, it does what green powder is supposed to do (mmmm…’nutritious sea vegetable’ the website says). I recommend mixing it with frozen banana, chocolate ice cream/cocoa nibs and organic peanut butter with some water or rice milk in a blender. Note: mango does not have the same effect on the smell as banana.



  1. I’m loving your blog! Much more substantial that FB. One word of caution: be careful combining those NSAIDS! Make sure you drink plenty of water and severely cut your EtOH intake when you’re takin’ that stuff. If you wanna keep your liver & kidneys, that is….
    On the joint supplement side, have you ever tried glucosamine and chondroitin? Two natural substances that when taken together do amazing things for cartilage. Getting old is such a bitch, but better than the alternative!

  2. isn’t the alternative getting young? i’m all for that. though i’d rather not repeat high school again.

    the real thing joint revolution has glucosamine and chondroitin. they also make MSM-body (no not what we think MSM means), it STINKS like sulfur. now that i’m reading about it though it also eases breathing and helps with allergies, so…arg, more pills!

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